Action on Body Confidence

Action on Body Confidence  (ABC) is a free being me activity pack developed by the World Association  of Girl Guides and Girls Scout and Dive self-esteem project , WAGGGS and Dove self-esteem project have been in global partnership since 2013 , bringing the free being me body confidence activities to over 3.5 million Girls and Boys  by the response to these feedback of young  people  , asking for support  to take action that doesn’t  only raise awareness  , but also ask for change from decision  makers via advocacy .

How to participate:

To participate, participants should complete each challenge to grow their action on Body confidence badge. The activity pack contains four challenges 

Challenge 1 See the challenge, challenge 2 Plan the change, challenge 3 Make, challenge 4 share the Change

The aim of ABC is to help boost the body confidence and self-esteem of young people between the ages of 11 and 25.
The main objective of ABC is to help develop participants skills in the following areas: Team building, Planning., Research, Event management, decision making, advocacy campaign as well as community Action.