Teachers Day 2022

  • October 5, 2024
  • Worldwide

Also known as International Teachers Day, World Teachers Day is held yearly on October 5. Since its set up in 1994, the day celebrates the marking of the ” teaching in Freedom” in 1996. Last year the theme was “Engaging Teachers”. It is observed all over the world over since 1994 after the UNESCO Recommendation concerning Teachers.

What is the purpose of the World Teachers Day?

Its point is to centre around “acknowledging, evaluating and enhancing the instructors of the world” and to give a chance to consider the issues identified with educators and the teaching process in general.

Late year World Teachers’ Day honoured the twentieth commemoration of the 1997 UNESCO points concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel, bringing the occasionally disregarded zone of showing staff at Higher Education foundations into the discussion about teachers. In 2018 the teachers day will be on a Friday, and it is worth following.

The event has consistently been held on October 5 since 1994 and the goal is the same; to honours educators’ associations around the world. Its point is to prepare to bolster for instructors and to guarantee that the requirements of future ages will keep on being met by educators.

As indicated by UNESCO, World Teachers’ Day speaks to a massive token of the mindfulness, comprehension and thankfulness showed for the fundamental commitment that educators make in advancement by teaching.

The Education International (EI) organisation firmly trusts that World Teachers’ Day ought to be globally perceived and celebrated far and wide. EI likewise believes that the standards of the 1966/97 suggestions ought to be considered for execution in all countries.

More than 100 nations celebrate the World Teachers’ Day globally. The endeavours of Education International and its 401 associations have added to this broadly spread acknowledgement. Consistently, EI dispatches an open mindfulness crusade to feature the commitments of the teaching calling.


  • Start Date:October 5, 2024
  • End Date:October 5, 2024
  • Location:Worldwide